17 Apr

Best Penny Boards

For many years, skateboarding has been a popular sport and hobby for kids and young adults. However, not all kids can enjoy skateboarding because of its size and weight. So, to give smaller kids the chance to experience the fun riding on a skateboard, penny boards were made. Penny Skateboard is a company Penny boards are made of plastic which makes it lighter and easier to carry than the original skateboard. But, it is not just about the weight, there is more to a penny board that makes it worth having. Check out http://www.bestskategear.com/best-penny-board if you’d like more info. Here are some of the best penny boards you can buy.

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Top 4 Penny Boards

Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard

The Penny Complete Skateboard is the best one, especially for beginners. Its wheels are soft which makes gliding on any surface, even bumpy ones, easy for non-pro skaters. Because of its smooth wheels, the Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard is easy to control and maneuver. It is also good for long distance transportation. It is not only a best seller to beginners, but also to advanced skaters because of its retro design. The skateboard is available in different color combinations.  Aside from its cool designs, it is easy to carry and store inside the bag or locker because of its size. The high quality of the Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard and the excellent customer service makes the product best-selling and makes the customers loyal to the company.

EightBit 27” Complete Skate Board

The EightBit 27” Complete Skate Board is one of the best cruisers for first-time skaters including smaller kids and teens. You can customize your own EightBit Skateboard any way you like with the different board and wheel color combinations. With its strong waffle-grip deck, 4-inch wide aluminum trucks, and smooth wheels, there will never be a bumpy ride. Although the EightBit is not as strong as the original Penny, it is guaranteed that the deck is sturdy and flexible so it can handle damages. Also, the penny board is very affordable which makes it good for those who are just beginning to learn.

Penny Nickel Complete Skateboard

The Penny Nickel Complete Skateboard makes you experience real cruising with style, quality, and popularity. You can choose your own Penny Nickel Skateboard from many colors, and from different styles such as the Neo Tokyo, Bro Style, Rasta, and Blackout.

Penny Nickel only weighs 5.5 lbs and 27 inches long which make it lighter and easier to carry than normal skateboards. You can simply carry it under your arm or fit it right into your backpack. It may be lightweight, but it has top quality material.

Ridge Skateboards Big Brother Large Retro Cruiser

With more than 1,500 color combinations you can choose from, the Ridge Skateboards Big Brother Large Retro Cruiser is one of the best-selling boards of the company, Ridge Skateboards. It is a 27-inch cruiser that has a design based on the 1970s penny boards but with a bigger size and better quality. In the construction of Ridge Skateboards, automotive industry-strength PU plastic is used including other secret methods that make the skateboard strong and flexible.