Upside-down 360° loop: You’ll need a pipe or a tunnel. This is the trick where you’ll need speed and oneness with your board. basically you’re going in one huge circle with you and your board upside down at the top of this trick. Start by gaining speed, then bend your knees in allowing the inertia to flow with you and your board. Once you begin to descend back down, you can then begin to allow your self to stand up right. The trick with this, is really to just flow and allow the inertia take you. This is a dangerous trick, as if not done right, could give you a head injury or snap your neck.

Ollie: A very basic trick, and a must to master for any skateboarder. It’s even harder when your attempting on flat ground. Start by riding slowly. Then at the same time you pop your board, you’ll want to move your front foot forward in a sliding up motion. Your back foot will be picking up to match the height of your front foot, in order to catch the board.

180 Pop Shuvit: A 180 Pop Shuvit looks like an Ollie to begin with, but the twist (literally) comes when the rider and skateboard turn 180°, while still in the air, before coming back down in the exact same position as the rider was when this one of the hard skateboard tricks was started.